"My overall impression of the workshop: lovely! Had a really nice day. Easy to understand and not too fast."


Tana King


"A great learning experience and really pleased with my achievements. Thank you, Jacqui, for being so patient."


Jo Maggs


"Thank you; it was very helpful and a nice small group with support when needed. I can't wait to get practicing."


Lynda Fullerton


"The workshop was very enjoyable with a supportive and patient tutor, and other learners helping each other. My nerves went away immediately and the time flew. Would love to do more."


Katie Cox



Welcome to Cloth Cuts. 


If you're starting from scratch or looking to smarten up your sewing skills, then I'm here for you.


My passion is all about passing on my expertise to a new generation of stitchers; getting folk started on a sewing machine as well as introducing the art of needlework.

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