Six reasons to learn to sew

Sewing isn't scary!

It's never too late to learn to sew, and if you have been thinking of taking the plunge but need a bit of a nudge to get started then read through my six reasons why you should learn the fabulous skill of sewing...

1. It's good for your health. With the mix of quiet concentration and creative endeavour that sewing elicits the effects are akin to meditation. While you relax, worries melt away and confidence increases as you discover your creativity and build up new skills. Not only that, the pleasure derived from making something from scratch will give you a burst of happiness. How good is that?

2. Save money on repairs and alterations. With a few basic skills under your belt you’ll have the confidence to tackle that ripped seam, that trouser hem, that missing button and so much more. You can do it - I can show you how!

3. Earn money. You only have to look at the growth of online craft shops like Etsy to see that it’s a realistic option. Plus the retail market has cottoned-on to the hand-crafted. It’s all about a one-off, lovingly created item that makes it a bit special. Strike up a sale-or-return relationship with some of your local stores.

4. Clothes that fit. Who hasn't had those tear-your-hair-out shopping trips trying to find an outfit/brand that actually fits your figure. Fashion retail has no standard sizing. It's not funny. But sew your own and frustration be gone. What's not to love!

5. Become a style individual. Make your own wardrobe and you'll never see someone in the same attire as you. Sewing allows you to stamp your own style on clothes you already own with a few deft tweaks; whether it's adding a trim or embroidering your denim. It's one way to stay on trend too and without breaking the bank.

6. Help save the environment. Sewing skills enable you to recycle your wardrobe and

and join the growing band of the sustainably minded. There is often plenty of wear left in an item that you once loved and no longer fits or suits your lifestyle. Retrieve that discarded clothing from the back of the wardrobe and unpick and remake, I say. It really is immensely satisfying and you'll be doing your bit to help care for the planet.

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