Sewing kit essentials

You'll need a basic sewing kit to learn to sew

Just like any other craft, sewing requires some essential tools of the trade. So, to get you started your basic sewing kit should contain:

Dressmaking scissors. Buy the best you can afford and only use them for cutting fabric otherwise you will blunt the blades in no time at all.

Smaller sharp pointed scissors for trimming fabric and snipping thread.

Tape measure. A must-have to measure up as you make.

Pins. Coloured glass headed pins can be seen easily against a fabric.

A pin cushion to keep your pins from straying round the room.

Needles. A pack of Sharps sewing needles are essential for general purpose hand sewing and can be bought in multi-size packs.

Sewing thread in black, white and navy

Sewing machine needles. It’s handy to have a pack of multi-size needles for sewing light, medium and heavyweight fabrics.

Seam ripper. We can all make mistakes but the task of unpicking stitching is so much easier and quicker with a seam ripper.

Safety pins. Useful for pinning cut out pattern pieces until you are ready to sew (saves smaller pieces going astray), as well as threading elastic. And of course, just the thing for emergency repairs until you can get to the sewing thread.

A steam iron and ironing board; no stitcher should be without one if their project involves seams of any kind. Pressing your work with an iron sets the stitches and makes a world of difference to the finish of a sewing project.

Spare bobbins for your sewing machine. Make sure they are the same brand as your machine.

Last but not least is a sewing machine. Once you get bitten by the sewing bug you'll wonder how you ever managed without one. Buying a sewing machine deserves a whole new blog post of its own which I will rustle up in the not too distant future.

There are plenty more sewing accessories such as a thimble, tailors chalk and rotary cutter, as you will find out, once you get stuck in to some serious sewing.

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